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Glenn Lurie's Career at Synchronoss Technologies

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About Synchronoss Technologies

Synchronoss Technologies (Nasdaq: SNCR) is a global leader in personal Cloud solutions, empowering service providers to establish secure and meaningful connections with their subscribers. The company's SaaS Cloud platform simplifies onboarding processes and fosters subscriber engagement, resulting in enhanced revenue streams, reduced expenses, and faster time-to-market. Synchronoss is trusted by millions of subscribers to safeguard their most cherished memories and important digital content. The company's innovative Cloud-focused solutions redefine the way users connect with their digital world, enhancing the overall subscriber experience.

Glenn Lurie Synchronoss Contributions

Glenn Lurie joined Synchronoss Technologies as President and CEO in November 2017, bringing nearly 30 years of experience in the telecommunications and wireless industries. His tenure at Synchronoss was marked by his leadership and strategic vision as he worked to advance the company's position as a leading technology product provider to telecommunications, media, and technology (TMT) companies.

President & CEO of Synchronoss Technologies
(Nov 2017 - May 2018)

Glenn Lurie's appointment as CEO was a strategic move for Synchronoss as the company sought to leverage his extensive experience in the telecommunications sector. Prior to joining Synchronoss, Glenn served as President and CEO of AT&T’s Mobility and Consumer Operations, where he successfully grew AT&T into the nation’s leading wireless and consumer business. His deep knowledge of the wireless and media space, coupled with his broad industry relationships and operational acumen, made him the ideal leader to drive the next chapter of success for Synchronoss.

During his time at AT&T, Glenn was instrumental in negotiating the exclusive U.S. agreement with Apple to launch the first iPhone in 2007, an achievement that significantly shaped the modern smartphone era. His innovative mindset and forward-looking approach were also evident in his efforts to build three significant businesses from the ground up: AT&T’s IoT business, Digital Life (AT&T’s home automation and security business), and Aio Wireless (now Cricket Wireless), the company’s leading prepaid brand.

Vision and Leadership at Synchronoss

At Synchronoss, Glenn focused on extending and accelerating the company’s history of success in personal cloud, messaging solutions, and digital transformation products. He aimed to grow and scale Synchronoss’s core platforms across the entire TMT ecosystem. His leadership style, characterized by a people-first approach and a strong set of values, aligned perfectly with Synchronoss's mission to deliver innovative solutions and drive substantial value for shareholders.

Stephen Waldis, Chairman of the Synchronoss Board of Directors, praised Glenn's transformational leadership, highlighting his proven track record of success and innovation in the telecommunications industry. Waldis emphasized Glenn’s ability to launch innovative new businesses and products, as well as his strong reputation for leading with integrity and fostering a collaborative work environment.

A Transformative Period

Glenn's tenure at Synchronoss came during a significant period of transformation for the company. His strategic insights and operational expertise were crucial as Synchronoss continued to navigate the evolving landscape of cloud and digital transformation technologies. Glenn’s appointment was seen as a pivotal moment, reflecting the company's commitment to driving innovation and strengthening its position as a global market leader.


In summary, Glenn Lurie’s role as President and CEO of Synchronoss Technologies, although short, was marked by his exceptional leadership and strategic vision. His contributions helped set the stage for Synchronoss to continue its trajectory of innovation and success in the cloud and digital transformation space.

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